26 03, 2017

Meet Pastor Sundra Tamang

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You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. 2 Tim. 2:2 When I met Sundra Tamang, I thought he was way too young to even think about heading into northern Nepal to teach and preach. On February 8, while I was in Nepal looking at the new church plant in Manang Nepal, we had the awesome opportunity to visit all of our men in the field at a Pastors conference [...]

8 02, 2017

Update from the team in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Hello All, We returned back to Kathmandu this evening (Wed) at 630 PM. It took over ten hours to drive down from our church in Ram Bazaar Lamjung. Severe traffic jams and many serious accidents along the way. Thank you to so many who have sent positive emails and Facebook messages letting us know you were praying. I’ve never seen such incredible beauty or been so close to the actual Himalaya mountains. It is breathtaking, but also quite daunting. The roads are horrifically bad, in some places there just aren’t any. There are dirt roads that run thru rivers and [...]

6 02, 2017

Update from the Team in Koto, Manang

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The team has made it to the town of "Koto" in the Manang District but could not go any further because of the weather. Freezing rain hail and snow at 10,000 feet. The locals and our driver cautioned us about staying overnight because we might not be able to get back out in the morning. We had a very productive time in Koto. The new landlord leased us a four room flat for a church and also living quarters for the new pastor and his wife. They will move up here in three weeks. Please remember to pray for this [...]

5 02, 2017

Arrived in Ram Bazaar

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After an 8 hour van ride and a 2 hour 4WD Jeep excursion we've arrived at our church in Ram Bazaar, Lamjung. Amazingly, the  local Nepali government water authority opened up their buildings and bunk houses for us to stay in!! Running water and actual beds to sleep in is a blessing. Tomorrow at 7AM we leave here and head north to reach the village of Chame. We are hoping to get the in 5 hours but it is very far north near Annapurna. It was great meeting many of the pastors again, some we haven't seen in [...]

2 02, 2017

New Work in Manang Nepal

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This week we will be again be heading over to Nepal. Padam, all the Pastors, and many of us here, have been in prayer seeking direction for our work in 2017.  They have all agreed that we should make preparations to begin church planting (and building) in the northern district of Manang.  This area is situated to the north west of our current efforts in the district of Lamjung.  The district of Manang is an extremely rural district with a very harsh environment. Aside from the famous Annapurna trekking route that passes right though the district, there is little to [...]

26 12, 2016

2016 Year in Review

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Dear Friends of PUMA... It has been an awesome year. So much has happened with the growth of the ministry in Nepal. It has been huge! It is the people behind it all that makes it happen. The new believers, the new faith, the new hope and the new life. It all happens because there is a group of believers here in the states that care for the lost even though they are 10,000 miles away. We are grateful to you for your heart and your care for those in Nepal who have not heard. There are many we have [...]

9 09, 2016

Medical Missions in Nepal

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Dr. Jim Reynolds, who has accompanied us on many medical trips to Nepal, wrote a fantastic article on his experiences there in the incredible country of Nepal. A medical magazine/Journal called “In the Spotlight”, published by the American College of Gastroenterology, highlighted his story. We hope you enjoy it! Click Here to Read the Article Blessings Steve and Team More Images from Mugu Nepal 2016

14 08, 2016

Nepal Christian Fellowship Radio

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Dear Friends, We can’t begin to tell you how totally excited we all are to begin broadcasting Gospel Radio in Nepal. On September 1st, PUMA will air our first Gospel message in Nepali. Our first objective is to use radio towers in the district of Lamjung in Nepal. There are approximately 185,000 people in Lamjung, all are within range of the main tower and repeater towers.  I am hoping that we have even 1 percent of the Lamjung population listening as we start. That’s 1,800 listeners (most of these people are Hindus) to the Gospel story, every day, 7 days a week. [...]

24 07, 2016

New Church Sites in Nepal!

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It has been an exciting first half of this year, 2016!  The team in Nepal continues to grow and so does the ministry. This picture just came in to me from Padam in Nepal.  We have constructed three new churches since February, we are hoping to do two more this year, if possible. Here’s a short report from Padam: This is new church in Tarachowk in lamjung. We have been ministering in these areas for last 5 years..especially..in Luddi and Tarachowk areas. A brother Dil Bahadur is our pastor in Taracowk. He has been with us since last 5 years. [...]

28 05, 2016

New Students, New Pastors!

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In March of this year, We reopened our training center in Kathmandu Nepal. Pictured above are the men we currently have studying with us at the center. They will be at the center 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for three months. They are taught and study the Word 9 to 10 hours a day, with Saturdays off (Church day!) This will go on for a full three months until we send them back up into the Lamjung and Gorkha Districts (about 125-140 miles North West) where they will go with one of our pastors up there to have [...]

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